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I’m Anna Grape; a web designer and an illustrator living just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.
I’ve been working as an illustrator for 7 years but now I want to try something new. So I decided to take a dive into web design!
I had some basic knowledge of css and html, but I needed to learn more, so I took the Codecademy pro intensive course to learn more and also a bit Javascript. It has been a very fun and challenging journey and I still learn new stuff every day. I like that it's not at all just about designing a pretty website, but the whole process of figuring out who the visitor is and what the goal of the website is and how we get there!

My dream right now is to find a fun workplace who can see the potential in my illustrator background and that I can use all my skills to create beautiful websites!

So who are you getting as a colleague you might ask? Well I'm overall a positive person who likes to be nice to people. I love animals, especially dogs and I have two little fluffy dogs myself. I love to play games, whether it's computer games, board games, Magic the Gathering or whatever. Obviously I love to draw, and also to create all sorts of things like strange clay figurines or giant stuffed bird or whatever pops into my mind. I'm also hard working and always pay a lot of attention to detail when I work. So hurry up and hire me before someone else does!

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Adobe Nordic Young Creative Talent 2014